Roanoke Arts and Crafts Guild Membership Application

The Roanoke Arts and Crafts Guild was first established in1982 in an effort to provide a market for locally produced arts and crafts. Guild members organized and held the first Guild fair in November 1982. Guild membership was limited to residents of Martin and Bertie counties. In 1984 Membership was opened to include residents of adjacent counties. Since 1996 membership in the Guild is not limited by location.

Categories of membership are: Individual, honorary, and associate

Individual: artists interested in being a Guild member are required to submit three samples of their art or craft. The artisans’ creations are judged on materials used, workmanship, design, utility, color, and originality. All work has to be handcrafted by the individual. $10.00 yearly dues every January. Late fee of $5.00 if not paid by 2nd meeting of the year.
Associate: a person interested in supporting the Guild, but not as an individual, i.e. spouse, family member. Member has floor rights but will not be allowed to vote or hold office. $5.00 yearly dues every January.
Honorary: Member defined as a very special benefactor whose contributions have promoted the goals and objectives of the Guild. Any nominations for a Honorary membership shall be presented through executive committee.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Roanoke Arts and Crafts Guild.
Please submit this form with three items for evaluation. These should be representative of
your work. Work should be brought to a meeting, but application/fee may be mailed in advance to:Glinda Fox, 205 N Haughton Street, Williamston, NC 27892.

Inquiries: 252 792-1539

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